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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I think I'm going to title these by the date like I used to do in my journals pre-Blogger days. I'll put 'So far today' on a post that hasn't been completed for that day and post to it the next day to complete it, taking the 'So far today' at the time. I still need to figure out how to get the archive pages fully formatted how I want. They're still useable, but not quite right.

Slept in (sort of) today.

Female: Took my basal temperature like usual at 6am - was 96.69 degrees fahrenheit for those of you who are curious. It's day 12 of my cycle, a 'red' day as my hubby and I call it. It's how the Baby-Comp tells me whether I might be fertile or not. Red is fertile. There aren't any little boy or little girl icons though, so guess it's not as fertile as others - forget how that goes. All I know and need to know at this point is that in order to not have more babies we keep the unprotected adult activities to the green days. The amber and red days are for protected and/or more creative fun. That reminds me, I need to put up the information I've written about natural fertility awareness and ovulation detection on my site. I'll do that sometime this week - I need to add in about this device 'cause it rocks!

I go back to sleep after I take my temperature, sometimes during, heh. Luckily it lets me know when it's done taking my temperature so I don't sleep with it in my mouth too long, turning over and such. LOL Got a phone call at 7:45am and then from 7:50 - 8 am I did the weekday wake-up-my-son-repeatedly-'till-he-gets-up to work at our store routine. We've been through sooo many alarm clock set-ups and none have worked so far... Today I also stayed up 'till he left at 8:30 so I could give him some files to take in. Then I went back to finish my 'sleeping in'... semi-slept 'till about 11 or 11:30. So luxurious to do that. My body liked it indeedy too.

So, I got a late start with things, but it was good.

~1pm had some rambutan, didn't count them, but it was about 2 or 3 lbs. I would have had more, but that was the end of the 20+ lbs I got last Wednesday. :( Will get more tomorrow.

I ate the rambutan while watching the movie my son brought home last night. When I was done eating I made some charms out of some copper wire I have and put them in my hair. Yesterday I put some beads on some braids I put in my hair. I used to do that all the time and it was fun to do it again. I also made some wire charms for a customer of our store who noticed some I was wearing and asked me to make her some. After the movie I walked to the video rental store and returned it.

~4pm tried out pushups to see how they'd be on my back. It went pretty well I did 3 sets of 10 before I felt like I should take it easy. The last 6 reps of the last set were with my knees down. I can't wait 'till I feel my back's 100% again so that I can start working on the clapping pushups again. A few weeks ago I finally figured out how I could develop them, what I was missing to be able to do them. I could do hopping ones where my hands and feet both went airborne for some time now, but never could actually clap while up there, even with my feet and/or knees down. It's my speed - I realized it was just my coordination and speed of clapping from the pushup position. So I started working on just putting my hands down on the ground as far apart as pushups and quickly clapping them together and putting them back - while sitting. I have to admit: I totally sucked at it at first. LOL No wonder I never got it before. I had just started to get the clapping down enough to try them with kneeling pushups - and had gotten it a few times too. Will be fun to keep that progress going when my back's back. ;)

~4:30pm Had about 3/4 gallon of thick banana (plantain type) smoothie. It was 14 large cooking bananas you find here, which are the equivalent to 14 medium reg. plantains I figure, based on their size. There was one left on the hand, so I just ate that one, making it 15 that I actually ate. The smoothie was just the bananas and water. Gave the 14 peels to my guinea pigs and composted the other one - have to give them both the same amount! :D

So, now I'm typing this out. I'll add to this later tonight with the rest of what I ate and did... I'm 'off' to adjust yesterday's post to include the stuff I did afterwards.

~8:30pm Dinner of romaine lettuce dipped in tahini-lemon dip:

~10:30pm: 100 squats, followed immediately by 10 jump squat-plie thingies and a few jump lunges, followed by 20 min. light rebounding & stretching before bed.

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