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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today I slept in a little bit, not as much as yesterday.

6am temperature: 96.62 degrees fahrenheit, had the little girl icon, so I guess if we wanted a girl baby this is the time to try for it. Now that our son's 18 and all, I'm not so sure I want to have more children. I'll consider it again once we are on acreage we can set roots in.

7:50-8am wake up calls to son to get up and work at our store...

9:30am got up to shower and go running or do yoga with my hubby. He got us some new Yoga DVDs recently and we're planning on alternating running with them in the mornings. We haven't quite gotten into it yet though. He's still healing the cuts and stuff from the reef and rocks when he rescued the drowning person so running shoes are not very appealing right now. I'm still healing my back too. So we did neither this morning - got a nifty 4-wheel wheel barrow cart thing that dumps it's load like a manual dumptruck and carted all the coconuts we salvaged from a friend of a friend's yard. They had cut loads of them - literally hundreds, but not all of them were good for drinking or eating, so we only got some of them.

Detox: I wasn't sure if I felt up to going to the hardware store when he asked me at first - was having a temporary detox thingy and felt pretty crappy for a few minutes. It passed and I was fine again. Funny, my husband was saying that normally he wouldn't say anything about it, but had heard from quite a few people that there was a 24hr flu thingy going around. He told me right after I said my body was working on something apparently quite toxic and wasn't sure if I wanted to go. LOL By the time he finished telling me about it, it was gone. I told him that it had just passed and he laughed and said that he was going to add that since I was so healthy and all if I had it, it might be only a 24 minute thing for me. Seems like it wasn't even that long. Afterwards I had a tad of B.O. under my arms, especially the left one, so I washed under them with water a couple of times ('cause it came back) and it was done.

~10:30am drank water from lots of coconuts - probably about 3/4 gallon of it - this was before we went to the hardware store

~12pm ate a few hands of ladyfinger bananas on the way to/from the hardware store when we got the wheel barrow. I think it must have been about 15-20 of them...

2:30pm went to the farmer's market and got most of my food for the week sans lettuce, which I'll get tomorrow when it's more convienient. I'll try to take pictures of it all when I get home if it's not too late at night. I got:
  • regular order of coconuts (10, sometimes more) - yeah, I've got loads of them now, but I like to keep my regular orders going anyway 'cause the infrequent stuff can't be counted on and if I make my regular ones infrequent I won't be able to count on them either. I'll drink 'em all, no worries! $10
  • regular order of lady finger bananas and "cooking bananas" $20
  • 20+ lbs of rambutan $60
  • 7 mamey sapote $20
  • tray of apple bananas for hubby $9
  • 92 tangelos $23
  • 12 large tangerines $2
  • 5 medium jicama + gift bag of several small ones $5
  • 2 medium heads lettuce and 1 bunch collards $5
  • bunches of carrot tops for free for my guinea pigs :)
Yeah, the rambutan and mamey were expensive, they're not a regular thing & I love 'em.

~5pm Ate 79 small-ish rambutan from the farmer's market today:
I stayed at the store after the farmer's market 'cause I was going to meet up with my best friend here, but alas, it didn't work out. :( We'll have to meet up another time. At that point there was no point to going home 'cause I'd just have to turn around and come back to pick up my hubby at the end of the day. This meant that I didn't have dinner 'till I got home after the store closed.

We stopped and rented a video and I got some tomatoes and cut up cabbage for wraps tomorrow at the grocery store. Cabbage is not in-season here and it's actually cheaper to get it cut up already in the store. Wish my tomato plants were producing more... or the organic farmers' ones were instead. I haven't been eating them much for some time now & sort of miss 'em - thus the grocery store purchase. I don't have wraps with the cabbage and collards much, but have been sort of into it lately.

~10pm: Took pictures of fruit with my phone's camera - doesn't get the colors very well, sorry, but I didn't have the other one at home 'cause we needed it to stay at the store for tomorrow. They're in the produce section of the photo area of my site here.

~10:30pm: Ate romaine lettuce and some tomatoes dipped in tahini-tangelo dip. Oh, and drank about 8 oz. of tangelo juice before that.

~midnight (after the movie): 10 jump lunges followed by 100 squats followed by 10 jump squat plie thingies (no breaks except to resituate my positions - and, yeah, the last couple of jump squats were sort of sucky, heh) followed by 20 minutes of rebounding & then stretching while discussing the physics of electricity and magnatism with my son and hubby 'cause our son had some ideas for inventions and such. Oh yeah, I also did three sets of 10 push-ups (no knees down this time) afterwards, and a few minutes of rebounding again. I find that my muscles recover faster and better if I rebound after challenging them.

1:30am: went to sleep even though hubby and son were 'still at it' with the discussions. LOL We are such geeks sometimes, heh.

Oh, and, yes, I do agree: eating too late and going to sleep too late, indeedy.

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