6am temp: 96.81 degrees fahrenheit, day 14 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

7:55-8:10am: wake son for work at store, check email to see if I'll be able to Intern at FoodnSport's Fasting Retreat in Costa Rica (they had a cancellation). Yay!!! I'm in the running, along with some others. We'll see later. :)

8:45am: got 'up', but stayed in bed w/hubby, talking and such... LOL he looked up Spanish videos on YouTube to help me brush up on my Spanish if I'm going to Costa Rica. We found a nifty one with a little girl and some fruit puzzle pieces. The guy filming it (prob. the father) was quizzing her and it was perfect to learn the fruitas that way. :)

10:30am: actually got up and showered, etc. Did computer work here and there. Put oranges, lemons, tangerines somebody brought to us this morning away (after taking pics, of course).

11:30am: Drank about 1/2 gallon young coconut water, made ~32 oz. tangelo juice for hubby, who drank it too.

Noon: started to cut up very young guava sticks we harvested from an overgrown forest into lengths just wider than the widest part of the shoes I'm making. The shoes are made from hemp yarn, stuffed with cotton, and the sticks will be the bottom outer sole. I'll take pics of them when done so you can see. So hot and sunny I was sweating just being out there. Gave the dog some fresh water.

12:15pm: Short 9-10 minute run with hubby, who had to leave. It was a test run for both of us to see how we fared afterward. So far, so good! :) I measure the distances by telephone poles right now 'till I'm better at it (remember I suck at running, heh, getting better though). We ran 3 telephone poles, walked 2, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 1 and that was 4 minutes, so we turned around and walked 1, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 1 back.

12:30pm: Showered again. It was hot today, gosh. Then cut more sticks

1:30pm: Made 1/2 gallon+ of 'cooking' banana & water smoothie and drank it afterwards. It used a whole hand, which was 17 medium 'cooking' bananas this time. Gave the peels to the guinea pigs, composted the ~3/4 banana's worth of 'bad' spots. Did more work on the computer.

4:30pm: Went to the farmer's market to get lettuce I skipped yesterday AND the inedible fuzzy seeds for lei making. Took pics afterwards. Continued computer stuff.

6:30pm: started making dinner, and a friend came by, we talked and they gave me some body work (pressure point stuff), we talked more and I didn't get to eating 'till 10pm again. LOL Oh well.

10pm: Ate wraps for dinner - lemon tanini spread on collard greens wrapped around grated cabbage & carrots, tomatoes & the collard stems. The first picture is of the ingredients, the second shows one done and another in-progress. It came out to 6 of them:

11:20pm: Did 3 sets of 10 pushups, then 10 jump lunges, followed by 110 squats, followed by 10 jump squat/plie things, followed by 20 min. light rebounding, then stretching

12:30: sleep


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