woke at 6am for temp.
up at ~9am
to sleep for night at 11pm

~10am: ~1/2 gallon young coconut water
~12:30pm: hand of 'cooking' bananas ~12 of them
~7pm: 1 and 1/2 wraps (collards w/lemon-tahini spread for wrap, slices of celery, tomato, avocado, and grated carrots and cabbage) and salad (~1 lb of lettuce with lemon-tahini-tomato-avocado dressing - basically leftovers from wraps)

walk down and on beach, back up and such
little swim in ocean
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 jump lunges followed by
130 squats followed by
20 minutes rebounding followed by

I did the evening stuff all in a row, one after another without breaks - except to catch my breath as needed in-between. Basically did 3 sets each of 10 jump squats and 10 pushups alternating between them, then a set of 10 jump lunges, the 130 squats, 20 min. light rebounding, a pee break ;) and stretching. I intended to do 4 sets of pushups and maybe jump squats, but found the pushups to be more challenging than the last time I did them, so stuck with 3 sets. Maybe next time. It was fun mixing the sets between each other, alternating like that. Less down time, but since some was the jumping stuff I did find I needed to catch my breath a bit before doing the pushups at a certain point. Perhaps that recovery time will improve as well. We'll see. :)

some salty taste in mucus at the back of my throat in the morning, was dehydrated more than usual then too - don't know if it's from the salty stuff I'd been having weeks ago or something else since then, like swimming in the ocean..

6am temp: 96.96 degrees Fahrenheit, day 17 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Went to the beach today - yay! Slept in a little too. Nice.
Finished a tangerine peel anklet I started yesterday:

Talked to a friend from the cruise I took in November. Great to keep in touch. :)
Caught up on these posts, heh, was two days behind. Ooops.
Got first email from new site visitor since I started it back up and answered it.
Started studying the stuff I need to for the Internship.
Went to bed relatively early for how things have been going. YES! :)


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