woke at 6am for temp., again at 8am to wake people,
up at 8:15am
to sleep for night at ~11pm

8:30am: ~1/2 gallon young coconut water
~1:30pm: 60 rambutan
~4pm: some lady finger bananas - sorry, forgot to count
6:30pm: slaw (grated carrots, cabbage, romaine) with 5 medium tomatoes, lemon-tahini dressing made at work with juice of tomatoes in it

4 sets of 10 pushups, forgot to do the rest I think, was sleepy and such - wierd day...

Don't remember any - am filling this out the next evening though...

6am temp: 97.01 degrees Fahrenheit, day 16 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
It started as a regular-ish day. I wanted the truck, so dropped my hubby off at the store to work for the day, and went back home to shower, etc. I had planned to go out at 5:30 for the evening and pick him up afterwards after the store closed, but at about 2:30 he called with a dilemma. A band he does music videos, graphics and other things for had contacted him because they needed to catch a plane to another island to perform tonight and their babysitter hadn't arrived yet. So, my hubby got our son to watch the store while he went to watch their kids 'till the babysitter arrived. Our son didn't have to be anywhere 'till 5, so it seemed like it'd work. After he was there he found out that it might not and asked me to come and drop the truck there and take our son's car to him before 5 - and watch the store 'till he can leave. The babysitter never showed, but the person that lived where they were came home after work in time for my hubby to make it back to the store just before closing. LOL (We close at 9pm BTW). Yeah, so things were in quite a flux today too - just ridin' the waves of it all, goin' with the flow. Good thing I'm better at that now than I used to be.

I was getting quite a bit of great stuff done in the morning on the computer though.

In the evening, my hubby and I started to watch the movie I watched with my son the night before, but he was so tired from the last 2 days of activities that he fell asleep before it was half-way in. We decided to go to sleep instead of staying in the living room. Guess that's part of why I forgot to finish my calestenics. LOL realized I had forgotten some of them when waking in the middle of the night, then went back to sleep.


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