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Monday, January 22, 2007

re-start of daily (or near daily) logs...

Okay, I admit it, I'm out of practice. I forgot to count stuff for y'all. I'll get better at it as it goes. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm going to go about it formatting-wise with this new Blogger thingy. It automatically time/date stamps stuff so I could enter what I eat when I eat and such - if I'm online at the time...

Here's my day so far today:

water from 3 large young coconuts in the morning: ~8:30am
~12 large (for this kind of banana) lady finger bananas for breakfast: ~9am
~4 or 5 lbs of rambutan: ~4pm

I was pretty sleepy today so worked on catching up on my sleep a bit. I've been going to sleep sort of late lately and yesterday was a bit stressful 'cause my hubby almost drowned when trying to rescue a person who was drowning.

The drowning person was wearing a life jacket thing but they had gotten swept out into a really rough area by the reefs where waves were churning in various directions and such. There were 2 other strong swimmers there who also were not able to get the person out. The person kept getting dumped on by the waves and all. My hubby had borrowed a snorkle from a person on the beach which kept clogging such that he could not breathe with it - thus the almost drowning. He had to swim away, rest and figure out something else - like the other people had to do as well. My hubby ran up the hill and found some boogie boards at nearby houses, came back in and swam out with them just before the Coast Guard came in from another town on a jet ski. Nobody drowned, which is good.

I had called 911 and they said they had already dispatched someone by then. I was pretty useless otherwise. I had pulled a muscle in my back the day before and was not moving as fast as usual. It's actually the first time I've hurt my back since I started eating & living this way - almost 5 years ago. Well, there was one fall and I brused the bone at the base of my spine, but that's different. This wasn't a fall, it was from lifting stuff. I used to hurt my back all the time from lifting stuff. It was quite different this time though.

In the past, I would hurt my back and not realize it until much later that day or the next day - when I couldn't get up out of bed the next day. I'd be literally bedridden for days, sometimes weeks. I also used to hurt it doing things that I do all the time now - or less, usually less actually.

This time it was a combination of stuff: had been working on laptop for hours a few days in a row, sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed, which hit by back in the spot I hurt myself. I had noticed the day before that my back was a bit sore in that spot, so I started to adjust how I sat, not leaning against the bed, etc. It was early in the morning and I discovered that I was going into the store (work) at the last minute so was rushed. I was a bit dehydrated and didn't stop to have my coco water or any other water yet.

I was loaded down with my usual stuff: backpack partly on my back completely filled with laptop and various electronics, beach stuff, files, and whatnot; large cloth shopping bag filled with fruit; large bowl of bananas and kaimito; something else I can't recall at this point. Any one of these things by itself would have been challenging for me in the past - perhaps even too heavy. There was another car parked by our truck so I couldn't open the door very wide and was having trouble fitting into the space. I needed to put the truck's seat forward to put my backpack in the back of the cab and it was stuck. I was twisted with the backpack partly on my back, shoving the truck seat and such - all in a hurry so trying to do it quick. It was doing that and then twisting & leaning forward to put the backpack in the backseat that did it...

Evenso, it didn't twinge like it used to whenever I finally realized I hurt myself in the past. This time I felt it right after putting the backpack in the back and felt that if I just moved around enough I might feel better. I didn't have time for that though, so got in the truck and tried to move around in there in transit. That was limited and I wasn't sure how badly I'd hurt it - and if was going to get better or worse. It felt like it was going to get better, but my only experience with hurting myself like that was pre-raw this time and usually it'd get worse the first day or two, but then I didn't usually feel it right away either... Still, I was not incompacitated like I used to get and didn't feel like I should or needed to lay down in particular. So I just sort of went with what my body wanted once I got out of the truck and it did get better.

Interesting thing: right after I hurt myself, I instantly wanted to drink water a LOT. Unfortunately I didn't have any and had a 1/2 hour drive before I could get some, so I ate some rambutan in the truck on the way 'cause they're juicy.

I also felt like I might be able to hang it out (which I used to feel like in the way past when I hurt myself but was unable to try it for about a week afterwards) so my hubby and I carefully figured out some ways that he could lift me to do that. It really did help. There was a part that I just couldn't get that way though. Later I felt like a massage would help, so my hubby gave me a bit of one - and it did help. It hadn't been the twinging sort of pain but it was painful and it hurt the most when taking a deep breathe - like it was at the base of my lungs - in the back. After the hanging thing the breathing was better a bit, and after the massage I could take deep breathes again without pain.

I was unsure what things would be like when I woke up the next day, but I was better, not worse, which was a relief. Such a different experience of things from when I used to hurt my back in the past. Nice. Better to not hurt myself at all though. Perhaps my recent 'bout with salty stuff was part of it too...

I had some olives at a potluck and got into them, got some for myself a couple of times over the last month - couldn't find any without salt. Then I finally decided that it was messing me up too much by making my health progress in the wrong direction (towards where I used to be rather than continuing improvement) and stopped them. There has been a tahini shortage lately here so I was having trouble finding 'raw' tahini, but finally found some at a store in another town and grabbed 3 jars. I started one of the jars as I was quitting the olives and didn't finish it for a week or two afterwards. I remember thinking, "gosh! the effects of those olives are lasting longer than I thought they would" and, "strange how the salads taste salty and I'm thinking of olives when I eat them." It wasn't until the night I finished off that first jar of the tahini that my tastebuds recovered and I realized that it was the tahini that tasted salty. LOL I looked at the jar, and I had unknowingly grabbed a salted version in my excitement over finding raw tahini. I would have noticed and been annoyed by the salty taste of it normally these days if it hadn't been for the olives. That's probaby part of the reason I was dehydrated that morning - it was only a few days from when I stopped having the the salted tahini. Hmm... now what do I do with the other 2 jars?? Guess I'll have to give them to somebody else.

Today, my back's almost completely normal. I was able to carry things carefully individually and expect that tomorrow I should be able to carry more less carefully. I'm gonna' be extra careful though - err on the safe side, just in case. Better to spend a day or two more being careful than to injure it again and have to be careful for even longer...

So, yesterday I was pretty able to do most stuff if I didn't carry things, walk real fast or run - or reach and twist at the same time. Trying to help rescue a drowning person was completely out of the question though. Actually, even without being injured it's out of the question for me so far. I could throw a rope with or without floatation and pull someone up or towards me if standing, or direct them to swim to a different spot, etc. - but I'm not a strong enough swimmer to swim someone in or keep them afloat when they're drowning. Maybe someday I'll be that strong of a swimmer - but that'll have to be after I work on improving my swimming in that way, which is not as high a priority on my list as a lot of other fitness goals.

Speaking of which - I actually have started to work on my running here and there. Running has to be my weakest link, besides swimming I guess, so it's about time, heh. I am not consistent at it yet though, but even so I have noticable improvement each time. Maybe I'll be a 'runner' yet!

I've never been that into running, even now after I like to move and such. I still have been doing aerobic stuff and really like dancing hard and rowing - love rowing with the moveable seat, the movement feels so complete - and you won't fall on your face if you work yourself to the point of uncoordination like in running. I think that's one of my main hesitations with running: fear of falling on my face, heh, really. It's part of the reason I have been running on the beach mostly these last few years. I've felt like running at times and the sand's a nice psychological comfort for padding.

I used to have asthma so couldn't work hard enough to have that be an issue. Now I can work that hard and my muscles have had no clue as to how to move properly for running efficiency long distance or speed. They're starting to 'get it' now so I don't feel like I might fall on my face so much if I try to run fast or for a long time, which is nice. I think that after a while I might actually start to live or even love running. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves now. ;) I'm excited to be developing it though - I know it will do me good and I feel good doing it the more my body gets the movement down too. Good enough for now. I actually am looking forward to being able to run again when I'm done being careful with my back.

So, back to today...

I harvested some roses and purple orach (sp?) to go in my salad tonight a little while ago:

It's been a while since I've had the roses. They're nice every once in a while, but I don't know how good they are regularly. They're edible for sure, but I'm just not so sure how edible... especially in the quantities I eat salad. I have some romaine lettuce from the farmer's market that will be the bulk of the salad. I'm gonna' have UN-salted tahini :) and lemon juice for dressing. It's gotten late, gee, gotta' go have it now. My salad's these days are usually about 1-2 lbs of greens, to give you an idea of the size. Perhaps I'll take a picture of it before I put the dressing on and post it in here later.

I'm not doing a lot of exercise right now 'cause I'm being careful with my back. Yesterday I did the hike down and on the beach and back as well as 80 or so squats and then 10 or 20 jump squat/plie sort of thingies last night. Yay! I can do some jumping things again. It has only been a few days too. Nice to heal faster and better and not feel as bad when injured - and have it take so much more to injur me than it used to. Sometimes I forget how much I can do now compared to before...

I'm gonna' do some squats and jump things again tonight after the salad, perhaps some light rebounding if my back feels okay about it, and maybe some jump lunges. I might try some pushups tomorrow - carefully. I'll underwork the pushups either way, to be safe.

Had trouble posting this, so went and ate first so here's a picture of the salad after the dressing was on it:

I took some pics of the whole bowl without dressing and the lemons, etc. too, but my camera's card has been tweaking out and sometimes I can't find pictures it showed as saved beforehand. I didn't use the phone camera 'cause I thought the colors would show better with the regular one. Oh well. I'm going to reformat that card soon & there are plenty of other dinners ahead.

I'm off to do some fun leg exercises and such! Then it's time for stretching and bed!

K, so I figured I should just come back to this day and add in the exercises I actually did rather than put it on the next day...

Did 100 squats, then 10 jump plie squat thingies, followed by 5 jump lunges (both sides) all in a row, no rest between exercises. (Which explains why there weren't more jump lunges, heh). Then I did 20 or so minutes of light rebounding followed by stretching and sleep for the night. :)


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