Quickie Updates

They've been painting things at the gym so my plan to escape the vog there hasn't been working out very well yet. The vog hasn't been quite as bad when it's been here lately, but it has kept me from being as productive as I'd like -and busy catching up when it's gone. LOL

Technical issues with my Internet connection at the farm have limited my time online too... oh well. Life happens and keeps going, thank goodness! ;)

I've been eating bananas for most of my daytime meals and things from our farm for dinners. I've been making cucumber noodles and various sauces with tomatoes and such as well as lots and lots of salads. Yum! The cucumbers are about pau (Hawaiian for done) and the next ones will not be ready for about a month, so will probably start having gazpacho or something. Mango season is starting up. Yay! Since we've still got some tomatoes going I might start doing some stuff with them together. Lennie made a great mango-tomato soup in Costa Rica that I just might try here too this time. Or maybe not... it's hard to not just eat the mangos straight instead, heh. The tomatoes are terrific straight too and I just forage on them for before dinner meals fairly often when I'm there. Nice. :)

We're looking for additional land to farm on and have several leads that we're exploring here and there as we can. Hopefully we'll find something long term enough that we can grow a variety of fruit trees, would be nice if it's either close to home or close to our current farm too. :)

For exercise it's been farming when the vog's not a problem, and the gym when the paint's not a problem, and light almost-bounce rebounding with my eyes closed during vog (so I don't breath in the vog too much and to protect my eyes from that burning), and pushups, etc. at night or when there's no vog as I can. Luckily the asthma I used to have still hasn't come back even with the vog, but then I've been careful 'cause of my eyes and haven't been exerting myself in the vog much if at all...

We're getting closer to finishing the new site for FoodnSport, so the switch-over will probably happen in June. Yay!

I've also been adding things to the products area on this site as I can for y'all. I wanted to start with the body care products 'cause I get so many questions about that but I couldn't find the products I use when I went to do it. I had found them in the past and made a file of where they are, but can't find that either. Doi. So I did a little in the camping area for now. I'm gonna' give the body care area a try again next time - have some ideas of how to find 'em better or maybe where the file is archived with their info.

I also need to fix up this blog so that when you read older blogs it doesn't tweak as much on the formatting. Sorry about that. I'll work on that soon too.

Oh, and my books... yeah. They're temporarily on hold, but I'm gonna' start back on them and just finish them this time. Part of the problem has been that I get close to finishing them, just need to format and edit, then I need to attend to other things, and then when I come back to it I want to change the approach and need to re-do it. LOL Not gonna' change my mind this time so I get them done and out to y'all. Some of you have been sooo patient, poor things. I'll get them done and if I want to do a different approach later, it will be a different book instead.

The videos are on hold too 'cause my hubby's the filmmaker and is quite busy with the farm for now. We may get someone else to take over to finish them too, but haven't focused on that since all the family emergencies we had not too long ago. I might do some simple single meal videos for download on here myself if we can get the camera set up in our kitchen well enough for me to do it on my own. It'd not be the same quality as what my hubby'd do, but the content would be there for sharing which is really what it's about, right?

I haven't had a chance to get back to spinning the cotton I'd picked or knitting the dress I'm designing... yet. I've been thinking of them more and more though so perhaps I'll be able to figure out a way to fit them in somewhere somehow soon. I wonder if I can spin cotton with my eyes closed during vog days I don't have access to air conditioning? Hmmm....

My guinea pig is one lucky pig indeedy. She gets gourmet baby lettuce, cucumbers and such from our garden daily in addition to the grasses and such I'd been giving her.

K, gotta' go and get back to catching up with everything. The vog's been here the last couple days or so and is just lightening up so I'm gonna' try to make it to the farmer's market in order to help my hubby. I've got a staff meeting at the gym later, and if it's over before dark I will transplant some of the edible flowers into our personal use beds from the flats I started a while ago... and other farm stuff. :)



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