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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Changes Ahead

First I'd like to apologize for not giving this site the TLC it deserves for a long time now. It's been quite like the story of the cobbler's children not having any shoes with me, as I've been using my computer time for other people's websites rather than mine. One of those websites is the FoodnSport.com website, and we've been adding a lot to the blog lately, including recipes, so you might want to check that out too.

I can't promise I'll be doing any better soon, however I can say that I plan to start blogging about a variety of subjects other than simply a log of what I eat, exercise, and do. Honestly, there are tons of people doing this these days, and while a sample of what I'm doing now every once in a while is relevant, I think y'all probably have enough of that info already. So... I'm going to start blogging information, and opinions about all sorts of aspects and interests in my life.

The plan is to redesign my site to have different elements of health and tag the blogs so that my posts related to that area will show up in that section. That way those of you interested only in what I eat and exercise will still be able to just see that. Those of you interested in another aspect will be able to see that too, but nobody will have to sort through all the posts if you don't choose it. Of course, those with as many interests as I have will probably enjoy looking at them all, or at least having the option.

Basically, I've decided to stop sharing things on Facebook so much, and put them here instead. I also plan to have a Q & A thing going as well.. perhaps do a video of my answers or just post 'em here. I'm off to the farm today, so won't be starting this immediately, but you'll see results soon. I hope you enjoy the changes in store! :)

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