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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gettin' Ready for FoodnSport events @ Cedar Springs! :) - and general update

So, yeah, I've sucked at keeping up with this blog. Sorry folks. Life happened.. and death.. long story, lotsa' details, will spare ya'...

I'm on the Mainland already, visiting relatives, and will be doing ambiance at FoodnSport's Culinary Workshop I all the way through Ultra Health and Fitness Week. It's gonna' be fun! :) Great to see everyone I haven't seen in a while and meet new terrific people as well! :)


So, people often email me and ask me, "What'cha eatin' lately?" or something like that. So... here's a bit of what's on my palate lately.

I've been going overt fat free for the last few months (except for about 3 times, most recently some olives on the plane...) and basically banana free as well. After almost 8 years of bananas being my main fallback staple food, and some troubles with the banana crops on-island causing the supply to be less than ideal, my body said it had enough of the HI apple bananas, and sometimes the other ones too. So I was getting imported bananas for a bit, but couldn't get organic ones here and they just didn't have much to 'em. I also would get other bananas when available at the farmer's markets, but that was fairly infrequent. So, I'm doing it banana-free, have sorta' gotten used to it now and am not trying to find ripe bananas while visiting as a result. A little simpler this way...

At first it was a bit of a challenge getting enough calories without both bananas and overt fats, but I got the hang of it after a while. The fact that our papaya trees started to produce really helped a LOT, as they sorta' replaced bananas for me. They were certainly affordable since we're growing them and I had enough and love the kind we grow, so yay! I have been eating other stuff too, in order to not have my body get "over it" with the papayas, but they have been key.

Before I left I was having the water from two young coconuts in the morning, and papayas later in the day, then sometimes other fruit I got at market that I either couldn't find enough for a meal, or afford enough for a meal (like lychee, longan, rolinia, etc.) as well. At dinner I'd have some orange wedges and then a salad with lemon juice and tomatoes or cucumber noodles with tomatoes and basil (& sometimes chives). Every once in a while I'd make a sauce for the cuke noodles in the blender with tomatoes, celery, red bell pepper and fresh herbs from our garden (basil, oregano, chives, rosemary). We have celery growing at our farm so I'd use that. We don't have tomatoes or bell peppers producing right now so I'd have to buy them, and the cukes... for now. We have these things planted and they should be producing soon after I get back. Yum! :)

Here on the Mainland I've been eating all sorts of exotic things like grapes, berries, apples and the like. LOL So lately I've been having melon for breakfast, berries for either before dinner salad or in the salad or as an afternoon meal or part of it, apples and dates for lunch or pears or peaches or nectarines, and then for dinner I'd have heirloom tomatoes, red bell pepper, strawberries, celery and baby spinach with lemon juice for my salad. So awesome to get 3 of those little baskets of berries for only $5 from organic farmers at market! Sweet! You couldn't even get half of one of those baskets of organic berries at home for that price... as they don't grow there since they need a cold season. There are a bit of blackberries in a part of the island very far away from where I live, and you can get some strawberries here and there, at times, and there are thimble berries which grow wild in some areas at certain times of the year which are sorta' like raspberries but otherwise you just don't get berries at home, certainly not in enough volume for a meal...

Here's a pic of my dinner tonight:
I can't eat salads very well from a plate, but it makes a good pic... so I dumped it in a bowl with some more baby spinach and ate it that way. :)


I had been getting into barefoot running and it still is my favorite kind of running, makes it more fun and interesting to me once I get past a mile... haven't been consistent with it though. My life's been a bit unpredictable, to put it mildly, over the last year, so since it's my weak area, it has gotten dropped and restarted quite a few times. I'm gearing up to restart it again soon. Since I've been so irregular I haven't built up the skin on my feet for it very well, so I'm going to make the shoes at invisibleshoe.com to use this time around to see how that works for me. I'm still planning on building up my foot skin to do completely barefoot, but I'll have them to suppliment with. I love the design, so simple and I did some with cardboard soles to experiment with and found them to be quite comfy. Cool! I've been trying to come up with sandal designs when making soles with my crochet projects too, so this might be just the ticket. :)

I have also finally started to learn how to use the aerial fabric I've had for years... so much fun! I love it! I love looking at it and doing it too! Pretty good workout as well, inspires me to work on my flexibility and other areas as well in order to do more tricks, better. I had been doing it for several months, but haven't been for the last couple of months and have been missing it LOTS. I've brought it with me so that I can hopefully set it up at Cedar Springs and have some more practice time on it. Not sure if that's unrealistic as I'm usually quite busy while there, but I'm gonna' find out.

I got into hooping a bit too. It's way nifty and fun, but I don't know very many tricks that I can accomplish successfully yet. Lotsa' room for advancement there. Gonna' be fun to explore. :)

For a while I was into doing lots and lots of pushups, jump lunges, and jump squats a day in parts of 10 or 15 at a time. Was also doing some pull-up/chin-ups and knee ups then too, but not as many as the others. That was great, felt great. Got involved with the aerial fabric and stopped it though as I was focusing on the aerial fabric instead. I didn't pick it back up in the gap though, until recently. I'm building back up again now, think I started back at it yesterday, now that I'm fairly caught up on my sleep at this point and all.

The Rest

Well, I've run out of time for now for this, so I'll have to update y'all on the rest later, in another post. Remember that I sometimes post to Facebook and Flickr and Ravelry as well. I'm on the other sites I have links to here, but have found that I don't tend to post to them as much, at least lately...

Aloha! :)

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