Log Dec 8, 2014

Food: (all from the farmer's market, might not be organic):

964 grams Ladyfinger Bananas (they look more ripe than they are.. were actually perfect inside):

714 grams Pink Grapefruit Juice (second pic) from these grapefruits (first pic):

Total calories: 1,136 in caloric ratio of carbs/ protein / fat: 93% / 4.2% / 2.9%

I got caught up in computer work today and ended up not eating until later. I didn't get hungry until then either. I guess it's because of the excess the day before...


Did assisted pull-ups (25), first 8-10 unassisted negatives... also did a few bench presses, sorry, don't remember the amount or weight.. used what was there at the time and forgot to record it... did some squats too until too tired, not sure how many either... will try to record these things better in the future. Oh, yes, I also did the desk cycling from time to time while at the computer. I had to use the second monitor so couldn't treadmill compute, or would have.


Slight salt headache from the kale chips a couple days ago. Not too bad.

Female: amber day

The Rest:

This will be a short one this time. I need to get up early in the morning and already posted something else today. I did a lot of computer work today, so don't have a lot more to report anyway. 


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