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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Log Dec 7, 2014

Okay, I'll try to get back into logging other things now that I'm kinda' getting into the habit of the food... a bit.
 Food: (everything is organic unless specified otherwise)

356 grams Starfruit (carambola) from our farm:
 743 grams Sunrise Papaya from our farm:
451 grams Ladyfinger Bananas (forgot to take a pic of them-these are similar ripeness, a little less volume) these were from the farmer's market, and probably not organic:
1,125 grams Tangelo Juice! All from our farm!!! Our biggest tangelo harvest ever! :) :) The first picture is of all the tangelos we juiced, and below is the juice it yielded before we mixed it and Darrel took half. The weight mentioned here is just the part I drank. I also ate some of the sections after juicing:

Then I made a salad with the following ingredients:
  • 442 grams romaine lettuce hearts (from store)
  • 70 grams raw tahini? (from store)
  • 342 grams tomatoes (from friend's farm)
  • 78 grams Meyer lemon juice (from our yard)
And I then drank the rest of the lemon juice from that large lemon: came to 72 additional grams. I love lemons! Yes, I have an unnatural culinary fondness for lemons...

Total calories: 1.906  Carbs / Protein / Fat caloric percentages: 74.2 / 7 / 18.8

Yes, it's a tad high on the fat for a day, but it felt fine. I'm actually not certain I measured the tahini weight properly. It doesn't really matter 'cause I'm probably gonna' be going over fat-free again soon. Oh, and there wasn't nutrition info on tangelo juice so I just used orange juice for the calculations, and the same goes for ladyfinger bananas.. used bananas (which is probably Cavendish) instead.

I did some pushups again, and did a lot of carrying of things in and out of the farm. The road is too muddy to drive my car in right now so we haul things in and out of there by carrying them. I'm not sure how far it is, but we made a lot of trips. We carried tables and chairs, papayas, tangelos, and other things we harvested, as well as our bedding and inflatable bed, and miscellaneous tools and such.


I didn't have much trouble with the salt headache today, thank goodness. I thought I was gonna' have trouble from those kale chips from yesterday. I guess the dancing helped get rid of some of it or something... maybe it's just a bit late and I'll get it tomorrow... we'll see...


I'm not using the Baby-Comp to track this anymore. Once my bleeding became farther and farther apart, I found it not so useful. It was great for letting me know when I wasn't fertile, but it was so conservative that it only ended up telling me the 5 days after I started bleeding were safe to not conceive. When my cycles were 90 days or more, this was not working for me so well anymore.

My temperature was not a very good indicator either, because it was so irregular. So, I turned to the saliva testing method I'd used years ago. It worked great for a while, and the reader was quite handy and transportable. After I'd used it for quite some time I began to think it wasn't as reliable as it used to be because of how it was constructed. It was a beautifully simple instrument that work wonderfully overall... except for the slide area... It had tape around the glass where you would deposit the saliva (by licking it). The saliva seemed to sort of collect at the edges there and it was difficult to clean entirely. I felt like the samples were getting contaminated too much to work. So... I looked into getting a new one, or see if there were newer versions that were constructed a bit better for that. I did find some, but ultimately decided that I just wanted to use slides and a microscope... and ended up finding a much more useful solution. I'll write more about that separately another time.

In the meantime, just know that I've been measuring my estrogen levels via dried saliva for fertility awareness. It's been a year since any sign of menstration or spotting or blood like that of any kind, so I'm probably in the clear and not at risk of pregnancy... but I'm gonna' confirm it with an ob/gyn appointment in a few days, just in case. I'll write about the results of that and about "the change of life" separately as well another time.

In the meantime I'm still monitoring my potential fertility level signs that are still of any use, and I use the red, amber, green code with it. It's a handy system (green is safely not fertile, red is potentially and/or probably fertile depending on your stage of life, and amber is somewhere between that... the obviously green times are the only times we have unprotected PIV sex, and choose other sexual activities at the other times).

Today was an amber day.

The Rest:

It was a busy day today. I had a beautiful morning with Darrel, and then I did a tech support phone call up until it was time to gather everything and go for the day. We were going to the farm to get our campsite fixed up again, put up our tent, and set up our inflatable bed, and put all the bedding on it again so we could spend the night more often. We were also going to problem-solve the solar electricity (it wasn't working), do some weeding, run the water more, fix up other things, and harvest of course. We also wanted to clean up a folding table and chairs to take to a discussion group we were going to at the beach in the middle of the day. We got an important phone call just as we were getting ready to go to do all that, and got delayed further. That meant that we needed to just quickly drop off our bed and bedding, and such, clean up the folding table and chairs, and haul them out to the car. We got it all done just in time to make it a couple of minutes before the discussion group started. Whew! That was a close one.

It was a terrific discussion and we went back to the farm after that to do the rest. We were losing light so didn't end up fixing the electricity or doing some of the other things we planned. We did a few other things we hadn't planned too though. We gave the Muscovy duck, named Madu, that hangs around our farm a treat of a papaya that the birds had eaten most of already. He really loves them and tears into them with vigor every time. It's a joy to watch his glee--the little tail wagging and the purr like sounds and all. :) :)

We ended up using the solar lights we had to fix up the platform, tromple down the invading buffalo grass, sweep, and set up our new tent. It is so awesome to have a place to stay there again! :) It was so romantic to be there with Darrel again too! :) <3 farm="" i="" love="" much="" p="" really="" so="" the="">
As mentioned above, I harvested the most tangelos we've ever harvested before, so yay! Our little tree is starting to pump 'em out, and we love it! It was the best tangelo juice, ever, and the freshest too! :) Okay, well, I have had it this fresh and wonderful before from that tree... but not in that volume. It was actually enough for both of us to get full on. Nice! :)

I want to be at the farm so much more than I have been. I miss that... I want to take care of all our trees, plant more and take care of them, and plant our greens and tomatoes and celery and such again too... and of course harvest and eat it too! :) My cotton trees need help and/or replanting and I miss spinning their cotton and making things from it as well. Oh so many things to look forward to now that I've decided not to do so much traveling anymore!!!

It's so awesome that Darrel's on that same page too. It's kind of amazing how we seem to go through big shifts in our lives and what we want to do, in the same ways, at the same time periods... and even did this before we knew each other. We're so lucky that we found each other so we can do it all together! :) :)

Okay, well, that's enough of an update for y'all for now, at least.

Hope your days are happy and joy-filled as well! :)


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