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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Log Dec 6, 2014


Opened 3 coconuts and shared some with Darrel:

Here is what I drank of the water (with the flesh aside for later, that I didn't end up eating):
This is the rest of the water from these coconuts which is what Darrel drank:
So, my share was 1,482 grams of coconut water.

Next I had 1,377 grams of papayas:

And later I had 809 grams of saba bananas:
And later I had juice from these 7 navel oranges, which turned out to be about 3.6 Cups and weighed 930 grams:

I was going to have a romaine and katuk salad with a mango, tomato, celery, basil dressing, but was so full from the orange juice that I didn't end up eating before I went out for the night with Darrel. I would have LOVED that salad! Note to self: make the salad and take it with you anyway next time.

There was a Art Walk in Kapaa, and we had a blast. We parked our electric car about a mile-ish down the road where we could charge it up and walked down to everything. When we got there I had to pee a lot (from the OJ right before the drive), and Darrel went into the health food store to get OJ of his own (not sure why he didn't just have some with me at home). ANYway... I had gotten hungry by then and decided to get something too. Hmm.. was a learning experience I guess I'll say here. I used to have a weakness for kale chips that they sold at the health food store Darrel used to work at, but I usually had to recover from them because of the salt and such. I'd try to get the most simple versions, but they still were never quite like when we were growing our own kale and making my own chips... Alas. I'd decided not to have them anymore, however I saw that they were on sale, almost half-price and decided to have them. I wasn't really sure what I'd get anyway, so I guess that's part of the reason why. In retrospect I would have been happier with a cucumber and/or baby carrots. Usually I wouldn't have to deal with the effects of them until the sinus headache the next day from the salt.. but this time I had some issues from the spices on our walk back. Yep. Good thing probably 'cause I don't think I'm gonna' get them again... or at least not for a very long time, possibly years.

I didn't take a picture of them, but I can grab their info online. I had 4.4 ounces of them. Oh, and I had two baby carrots at a buffet thing a friend had out at their place during the art walk.

We danced a lot, and looked at things, and saw people we haven't seen in a while and "talked story" as they call it here. It was a good time and nice to be out on a sort of date with Darrel. <3 <3

Okay, so total calories eaten: 2,459 in carb / protein / fat percentage: 77.8 / 7.3 / 14.9

Yeah, not the best, but it averages out. I hadn't had any overt fats for a while before that. I did have consequences, but they didn't ruin anything, just helped me decide no more of those pre-made kale chips. I just can't get any plain enough.. not even the ones labeled plain. LOL Oh, and I wasn't able to get a nutrient count on saba bananas, so just used regular bananas for the calculation. I think the sabas have more calories. They're also supposed to have a similar nutrient profile as potatoes, but I don't know which nutrients they're looking at for that... I'm working on finding out more about their nutrients for future calculations now that I've figured out what variety they are, and have a few leads.

Fitness/Physical Activity:
I did some pushups before lunch (about 25) and did some desk cycle pedaling when at the computer (not so much for exercise, but more for entertainment actually). Let's see, we walked a bunch for being in town and danced a lot too... maybe about 3 or so miles of walking and a couple of hours of dancing.

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