So far, 2/9/07

woke at 6am for temp.
up at 6am after temp.
to sleep for night at 4:45am-ish Hawaii time, 9:30am CR time

coco water on way in to airport
Tangerines I packed (5 I think) & 1 pound cherry tomatoes at my home airport
3 hands of lady finger bananas at Honolulu airport & a celery stick or few
all jicima packed except big one on planes
I took a picture of the food I packed for the plane, will post it when back home...

Not a whole lot... carrying my luggage around, some light stretching and a few jump squats, etc. inbetween flights

Um... didn't write this down, don't remember, sorry

6am temp: ?? degrees fahrenheit, day ?? of my cycle, green day, no kid icons
menstrating, so used Diva Cup today, brought tampons in case for back-up, not need them though

The Rest:
Gathered my food, luggage and stuff and went off to the airport this morning.
We went to BigK to get socks for my running shoes 'cause I couldn't find any of mine (only my hubby & son's) LOL
We also went to Border's and got a Costa Rican Spanish-English traveler's dictionary
Then I went to the airport and waited for my flight.
Oh, had to go through agricultural inspection and such first. I learned that it didn't matter if my fruit was peeled or not, I couldn't take it past Hawaii. That meant I needed to eat all of it here and during my layover in Honolulu. It was actually no problem. I would have been better to have 'em in the peels though. I couldn't eat the 'cooking' bananas by the time I got to them - too mushy and such. The lady finger ones were still tasty and all though.
I was quite dehydrated from the flights though - still recovering from all the travel and such now (2/14).
Otherwise, the food worked out well.
Interesting how even though it was all the same airline, the in-flight magazines were all English until the last leg, then they were Spanish & the announcements were in both English and Spanish.
It was pretty cool to arrive at the airport and look around to see everything written in Spanish. Yep, I'm in a foreign country. Too bad I didn't know I was coming here earlier, so I could brush up on my Spanish better. Oh well, am getting around fine so far.
When you go to get your baggage, you go through the immigration and customs things on the way - all one after another, which was nice not to have to find all of them individually. It was very reminiscent of going on the cruise in November. The immigration line looked pretty much the same, but shorter, thank goodness. LOL That one for the cruise was several hours long.
Then I got a taxi to my hotel, which pays for the taxi and they know where it is and such, so it was quite the no-brainer arrival. Oh yeah, speaking of arrival.. I was walking around thinking about how cool it was that everything was in Spanish at the airport on the way to baggage claim, etc. and then, wait, there was a Burger King or McDonald's or something like that. LOL They are everywhere.
I slept off and on for lots of the day after getting in my room. Will continue this on the next day - 'cause it was... :D


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