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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So far, 2/11/07

Times will be CR time now
woke at 5:30am & took temp
up at 6am to have breakfast & get ready for drive
to sleep for night at 12:30am-ish I think

6am: cantelope and watermelon slices at hotel
~1pm: bananas while waiting for the ferry - not sure how many 'cause shared 'em with friends
~7pm: 1 small watermelon at new hotel, and a few sticks of celery
My hunger hasn't returned completely - still thrown off from things

Very short run uphill, carrying luggage and food into hotel, up stairs
Not a whole lot else today

mucus & dehydration mainly

6am temp: ?? degrees fahrenheit, day ?? of my cycle, green day, no kid icons
Still menstrating, but didn't need the cup anymore

The Rest:
So today we traveled by van to a ferry, took that and then drove more in the van again to where we were staying
We didn't have a hotel yet, so had to figure that out.
Interesting place. Nifty toilet had flush handle upside down so you lift it instead of pushing it down.
No toilet paper in the toilets seems to be a regular thing here, the pipes are small apparently - and probably the water flow isn't strong enough too.
No hot water, but it's not cold either. I like it - wish the water was that temp. at home out of the tap, would chuck the hot water heater if it was...
The hotel by the airport had hot water though, just not the other places here we've seen - so far at least.
It was fun to eat with a bunch of people all eating the way I do. It's been a while.

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