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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


skipped the temperature today 'cause of the travel
to sleep for night at 10pm-ish CR time

6:15pm: 1 cantelope Lenny and Kevin gave me before dinner 'cause I was hun-gry (& thirsty)
6:30pm: dinner with fasting group that just ended:
cantelope slices
pineapple & papaya slices (I didn't have much papaya)
salad (lettuce, tomato, cabbage, cucumber & lemon - it had some avocado chunks I took out)

about the same as yesterday.. lugging luggage mainly, also did some pushups when I woke up in hotel after a while, before shower and dinner

quite thirsty - dehydrated from flight, don't remember anything else, still have a bit of the mucus stuff from before - or again from the flight...

6am temp: skipped 'cause of travel, day ?? of my cycle, green day, no kid icons
Took Diva Cup out when got to hotel - was quite some time in there, worked out fine - hardly anything in it anyway
I reset the time on my temperature thingy to be CR time

The Rest:
So I slept much of the day - off and on
Did a few other things, but mainly slept 'till my friends arrived at about 5pm-ish
Had fun catching up with them a bit and meeting new friends who roomed with me too. :)
Nice meeting up with more friends at dinner.
Went to sleep early - still catching up and all...

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