So far, 2/1/07

Well, I didn't get a chance to update this post and several others before leaving for Costa Rica, so I'm just putting it up now as-is. Maybe I'll be able to fix it later - probably not though 'cause it will be almost 2 months later when I get back home...

woke at 6am for temp.
up several times in night for BMs, gas, etc.
up at noon
to sleep for night at ~9pm, but woke a few times in the night

~2:30pm: 1 Jamaican Lilikoi from yard
~7:30pm: 60 rambutan

~2pm: walk a few blocks to and same back client's office to pick up something & then a couple to relocate a centipede from our house into wilder area

LOL yep - still from da' avocado and older salty stuff... I was semi-fasting, so that helped things too.

Slept in and did mini-fast 'cause of the gas and constipation last night and BMs early this morning. Interesting how it turned out to be right in the hours the hygienists say elimination happens: between 3:30am and noon. At a certain point I felt okay to get up and do stuff - looked at the clock and it was 12: 23pm. LOL The first time I got up for BM in the night was 3:50am...

Still wasn't hungry for most of the day, still felt 'full'/constipated-ish. So I didn't end up eating anything much 'till pretty late. Good thing I had decided to go overt-fat free for a while - not enough time to get activity and calories in to support any overt fats anyway. LOL I had plenty of 'em last night to last for a few days, yep.

6am temp: 97.55 degrees Fahrenheit, day 21 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

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