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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So far, 2/12/07

woke at 6am for temp.
up at ??
to sleep for night at ??

1/2 watermelon for breakfast, not sure of time
bananas for lunch, not sure how many - shared w/friends
2 cantelopes later for dinner-ish
4 peeled broccolli stems from stuff packed for airplane for later snack

We went to a neighbor town to get food 'cause we heard there was a farmer's market of sorts there. We missed the market 'cause it ended at 11am, but it was still good to get groceries there 'cause the market there stocks up during the farmer's market. LOL They probably needed to stock up again after we left... I haven't been as hungry so I got the least amount of food. I got:
3 small watermelons
6 cantelopes
4 large cucumbers
1 large lilikoi (passion fruit)
1 small cabbage
Which cost 6,143 colones, which is abot $12 - not bad, eh?

Carried luggage and food between hotels in town, and groceries from taxi up stairs into new hotel room
Not much else, too tired and such

mucus and dehydration, tiredness - from traveling

6am temp: ?? degrees fahrenheit, day ?? of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

The Rest:
My friends didn't sleep well because the place next door had music playing most of the night. They found another place down the street that was a bit away from town & cost a little less. Same deal w/toilet and shower. They did give us a towel to use though, and the other place didn't. So we walked our stuff down the street to the new place. It took the 5 of us 2 trips. LOL We had a couple of bags of pipas (coconuts - little ones today), a couple of crates of bananas and other food, before shopping. It was left-overs from the fast, so all of it was quite ripe already.

We took the bus to the neighbor town to get our food, and a taxi back. It worked quite well.

It is quite hot & humid here. Even the locals are hanging out in the shade most of the time during the day. It does get cooler at night though. Our first night it didn't seem to get cooler at night at all, but I guess that's 'cause it was in town & there were other things blocking the night breezes.

My friends are happy with their new hotel, so that's good. I'm fine with either. It is nice to have us all in the same hotel though (one of our group went here the first night after we had checked into the first place).

I found some really nifty shells - they look like the ones we have in Hawaii, but different, so it's cool.

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