Quick update

I took pictures of my food for a few more days and stopped after a while since I wasn't getting a chance to blog about them as much right now.

I'm working at the gym 5 days a week for this week and next week, filling in for someone on vacation who filled in for me when I was on mine. That means I have less time for everything, and that I'm taking most of what time I have to just sleep. Sorry.

I'll try to catch up on the older posts that go with my pics this weekend. Then I'll be back posting more regularly in about two weeks, when my schedule's back to usual.

I had a great time on vacation, and it's also good to be back home. This is home for me. Get out those ruby slippers 'cause I'm gonna' say, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home..." :D So true...

I'm having a blast getting back into my regular life again and have so many exciting developments with building the life I want that it's hard to contain myself sometimes. I love my life as it is and it's just gonna' get better and better as we head more towards my dreams. Yay! :)

Hope all is well with y'all too!

Aloha! (and nightie-night) :)


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying being home, as well as having enjoyed your vacation. Can we know about some of your 'dreams' you're working toward? Also, sometime would you mind putting something in your FAQ section on your skin care and it's progression since being raw and your haircare too? I think quite a few of us would like to know just like your dental care and it's history were helpful.:). Thanks for all you do. It helps when someone like you writes about these issues that we'll be facing along our own journeys.

    Terry in the Keys

  2. Yes! The 'dreams' I'm working towards are basically to have a long term living and farming situation on acreage so that I can grow everything I want to eat and need (for clothing, shelter, etc), sustainably... selling and/or giving away the excess. Of course I still wanna' keep in touch Internet-wise, so there'd be some things I won't be growing... ;)

    The bodycare issues (hair, skin, routine, etc) are things I do plan to add to the FAQs. I had something written up about my showering routine for someone a while back that'll probably go up next - once I find it, that is. LOL

    After I get that up I'll work on adjusting it or adding more FAQs so it covers the same sort of stuff as the 'teeth' one.

    Thanks for the input! :)



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