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Thursday, June 12, 2008

farmer's market yesterday & farm stuff...

Thursday June 12, 2008

First I have a message for someone... Yesterday there was a woman who came up to me and said, "Hi, Jungle Janie." She said she had just been on this website the night before and had thought to herself that I looked familiar. She had large sunglasses on and I was wondering if I knew her, didn't recognize her and trying to place the rest of her face. If you're reading this, sorry if I seemed strange. I was a bit puzzled. I didn't know if I've known you for a while and just didn't recognize you with the glasses and you found my website the night before discovering my Jungle Janie nickname; or if you knew me from markets and saw & recognized me online the night before; or if you knew me from online the night before and recognized me at market. That combined with the multitasking at market left me a bit speechless. Doi. LOL. You seemed to be in a hurry too, so I guess it was no biggie. I'd be happy to talk with you next time if you like. I'd also be interested to find out the answer to the mystery.

K, so on to the other stuff...

Now that we're selling things at the farmer's markets I haven't been able to shop as much at them, but have been going to them more often and end up with things in trade with other farmers, so it works out. Sometimes we just exchange our left overs from market with each other too. Right now there aren't many bananas, but I've got lots of fruit anyway. Yay! :)

They don't limit the vendors to fresh grown produce at the Hanalei markets, so my hubby sometimes gets baked goods and we've gotten "raw" pate there too. Sometimes we get flowers as well. My favorites are the fruit though, as y'all probably already know. :):):) I'll start taking pics again of everything soon. Yesterday was a great day for fruit and things. We got left overs from other farmers of sprouts, flowers, lychee, Jamaican lilikoi, mountain apples, pomegranate and tangerine. We also bought oranges and our regular bananas and coconuts.

On top of that, the mango season's here! On the way in to market on Tuesday we passed a tree that I usually pick up mango underneath and there were loads of them there, so we just had to stop, of course! ;) :D Luckily we had an extra box that wasn't too full that we could put 'em in. Yummy! I just ate about 14 of them while my hubby had a large salad with our produce and dressing of tahini and oranges we got from market yesterday.

We've got loads of our own produce now too, which is terrific too! :) Last night there was so many yummy options it was hard to decide what to eat for dinner. Nice. I've been getting whatever I can and eating whatever's ripe for a while, so it's a nice change. Abundance...

Yeah, we're working waaay lots, but we like the work. We need to figure out how to get enough sleep at the same time though. We're still adjusting to the transitions. Now we'll have a longer transition time 'cause yesterday we also finalized the lease paperwork on the land closer to home. Yay! That means our veggies will have a home to move to, for a while at least. We'll still need to find something longer term so we can do fruit trees, but we'll have time to settle in and all before that's pressing. We're gonna' try to grow all the short term fruits we can think of and pull off here in the meantime... and loads of veggies too, of course. :)

My hubby and I were so excited about the new land that we did errands for the farm and all 'till late yesterday so that I ended up with only about 2-3 hours of sleep before I needed to get up for my job at the gym this morning. It was rainy today so we took the opportunity to take the day off from the farm and catch up on our sleep. I skipped my gym workout 'cause I know that injuries happen when people don't have enough sleep and just went home after my shift was done. I've been getting behind on my sleep for a few days so I figured it'd be better to skip the workout today rather than risk injury 'cause if I got injured I'd have to skip more than just one day's workout. It's late afternoon/early evening and we're up again - for a while. We've got lots of harvesting to do tomorrow and will probably have to use the head lamps to complete it all. So we're planning on going to sleep early in order to go in early and start harvesting.

My hubby's happily planning things for our new spot and reading up on some farming stuff he came across again. I'm catching up with y'all now and then will join him in planning the new site. We have to figure out how to fund things we need to do in order to farm that place, another reason we're working so much at the farm lately. We'll need to get our irrigation water from an irrigation ditch and our veggies need to watered from above, so we'll need to pump and filter it. There's no power there so we want to use solar power to power the pump, but may not be able to afford it at first. The place is also completely overgrown with weeds about 12' tall, so we'll need to clear all that before planting. There are some trees at the edges that we'll keep, of course, some of them are fruit trees too. We to find out about whether we can harvest from them too or not. I hope so! :) Yum!

K, so I'm gonna' make another post about the gym in a tad.

Aloha! :)

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